Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nice little game

I just had to post this, I know some of you will have seen it before.

The norwegian catapult.

Instructions are in "foreign" so here's a brief explanation.

Hold down the space bar and an arrow wagles back and forth for the amount the rope is pulled back. Release the space bar at the point you want.

Do the same for the angle of the stopper bar of the catapult.

Once in flight, use the <- and -> arrow keys to stop yourself from tumbling (it gets worse as you begin to slow down)

If you see a pink starry cloud press the ^ up arrow to get a boost (you have to do this in the cloud)

When you get close to the ground press the space bar again to open your parachute (it won't open if you're tumbling to much or too close to the ground!)

And finally, try to beat my best score so far of 1,223,224 metres, post your highest scores here.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
Best to date 1590.589.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
Yesterday 1705938
Today 1561.957