Monday, April 10, 2006

I survived

After, perhaps foolishly, volunteering to be a reader at Church I have had my debut. Passion Sunday no less which involved doing the Gospel as a three parter with the Parish Priest and another reader.

I was told afterwards I looked a little nervous, I felt worse I think, and, very nicely, I was told by one friend that he would never have guessed it was my first ever go at doing the readings.

I get the feeling un-volunteering will be a little more difficult, but once a month is not such a bad thing, it looks like I will always be paired with someone, and at least, unlike the quiz, I have everything written down already for me.

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Neil said...

It was all written down for you? Should have made it up. Could you imagine Terry doing it?
They hid Jesus in a large wooden horse. On Friday he sneaked out at night and slew thetemple elders and the Romans. The siege of Palestine was over and they all went home and ate figs and pomegranites and dates.