Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crap Day

Well it was, I buried my great Uncle Jack (he would have been 96 and we cremated him actually) and funerals always get me down.

We tried to boost morale by doing the quiz at our local, and lost out by one measly point, and we should have known the answers to the two we got wrong, we just weren't co-ordinated enough in the thinking dept. for obvious reasons, see above.

I knew my uncle well, but not well enough, he was always a figure in the main fanily picture, I knew he had lead an interesting life, but it was only during hs eulogy that I discovered that, for example, he had been seconded for top secret work in WWII creating and printing maps on silk for clandestine use. So much I'd forgotten about him, and so many memories lost now forever.

I wish I'd known him better, and I knew him well enough that I will miss him.

John (Jack) Regan, Requiescat In Pace Domini

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