Thursday, September 20, 2007

Away to Wales for a week

Going to visit my Girlfriend in Brynmawr, who hooo

So before I got I just had a couple of geeky/cool (delete as applicable) things to share.

First off, Lord of the Rings as done if the characters were typical role players!

DM of The Rings

Some of the comments about why he wrote each strip are fantastic, having run role playing games in the past, I know how true they are!

Secondly a strangely addictive thing, not a game as such, sort of a web based executive toy.

Falling Sand Game

You can divert the sand, water, salt and oil with walls you can spot plants then water them and watch them grow, you can burn the oil and wax, all fun. The strange yellow bobble that bounces around grows if watered, shrinks if it contacts salt, I usually turn it off and just play at making interesting patterns.

Have fun while I'm away!

Monday, September 10, 2007

here it is then

the fark headline that had me giggling

A raptorial maw with a pharyngeal jaw; that's a moray

linked to this story which isn't anywhere near as funny as the headline above.