Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Doctor sings, and other news

I think I've told a few people about this, but it bears writing down for posterity, some enterprising person has taken samples of Tom Bakers voice (from BT's voice text service?) and put them together to music. The Doctor Sings is worth a listen.

I think I mentioned some time ago that the BBC are making a new Robin Hood series, there is an update here about it, I think it looks like it'll be worth a watch. One of the writers is Paul Cornell who wrote the excellent Father's Day episode of Doctor Who.

Speaking of which, this is older news but I haven't mentioned it so far, there are trailers and a "Tardisode" available on-line to view on the BBC's Doctor Who site, assuming you havn't already seen the trailers on the BBC yet. The "Tardisode" I don't think has been broadcast, or at least I havn't seen it yet!

And finally, The Simpsons Movie has finally been comfirmed for release next year, although I do get the feeling whoever wrote that article has never seen the show!

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