Monday, April 24, 2006

The Bleedin' Obvious

OK, please, someone out there must know. How the fark do I get on the gravy train doing stupid research? I mean some one got funding to prove that people get more drunk at the weekends!. I'm sorry, but I want a piece of the money pie that funds these stupid things, I welcome suggestions as to which obvious questions I can answer? Maybe "is the sky blue" nope been done.

Come on people, give me some ideas as to what to study, and tell me how I can get thousands of pounds to research it.


Neil said...

Subjecting all ministers and shadow ministers to lie detector tests at Question Time? The results will be bleedin' obvious, but the research is worth doing, even if it isn't legally admissible in court.

Anonymous said...

OK, I claim that Neil has copyright on that idea, and as he has responded to my post, he has given ME exclusive rights to be first up for getting a research grant!

Give me the moola.