Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saw this today

And I just wondered, does he? does he really?

Friday, October 13, 2006

I mentioned before about global climate change

And George Monbiots book I had read.

Well I mentioned Gordon Browns report about how much climate change would cost the economy compared to the cost of sorting out the problem, it's not out yet, but both Shell and Firends of the Earth have published today.

there is a report from the Guardian here about it, don't be put off when you read Friends of the Earth, as the article goes on to mention Shells report about how big a market there is for tackling the problems.

to quote

Shell's chairman, James Smith, said: "We do have to tackle climate change and that's a matter for government, companies and individuals as well, because the costs in the coming years from rising sea levels, from floods and extremes of climate will be too high.

"The cost-benefit equation of action to tackle climate change is favourable. That's true not just for the UK but internationally as well," he said on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

If an oil company like Shell is taking the matter seriously then you cannot deny we have hard times coming if we don't tackle the problem.

As Creedance Clearwater Revival put it in bad moon rising!

"I see hurricanes a blowing I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers overflowing I hear the voice of rage and ruin"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Torchwood & Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Not sure about the new Robin Hood series, it looks nice, it looks good, but it's missing something in the atmosphere, for me anyway. Maybe it will get better, maybe it needs music by Clannad, in fact that is the problem, it's not "Robin of Sherwood"

I will be watching next week though, because I'm certain it will grow on me.


Found this site

Torchwoood, love the title of the page, but for me it's very, well, Black!

I guess it's a coming soon thing.

There is of course the old

Visit Torchwood site with it's little flash animation game, but that's been about for ages.

And finally, credit to Siouxsie who spotted what I hadn't, that TORCHWOOD is an anagram of DOCTOR WHO

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Climate Change

I have just read Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning by George Monbiot.

An essential read in my opinion, he very carefully points out the facts about climate change, proves that the "scientists" claiming there is doubt in the figures are paid schills of the big oil companies, then chapter by chapter explains what we can do about it.

This is connection with the study Gordon Brown is about to publish which shows how many trillions climate change will cost the global economy if NOT dealt with might finally wake up people to the need to do something.

If you have any doubts read this book, the guardian published three extracts all worth reading

Pundits who contest climate change should tell us who is paying them is a definate first stop, and theye are all archived to his web site anyway which is a better place to go read them as he has the space to include all his sources and references.

I'm off to try to work out how to insulate the back porch now, it lets far to much heat out as it's only one layer of breeze block with single glazing.