Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy News

I can't contain myself any longer

after all the unhappiness and shit I have been going through, with the big D word and everything.

I've met someone else!

Someone very special!

I am in love!

Now this may seem very fast and possibly unseemingly fast considering the D word hasn't finalised yet, but I think if you have a chance at something special, a new chance, a new lease of life, you should grab it with both hands and make the most of it.

Some of you know more details I know, but I just wanted THE WHOLE WORLD to know, or at least that small part of it who will read this.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dealing With Depression

This forum web site offering support and discussion for people who have depression, and further more support and discussion for those people who have friends and family who are suffering. The web site is supported by volunteers and is free to join and participate in.

This new resource is very important to me, please pass it on or link to it where you can.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Climate Change (again)

Want to know if you'll be underwater when the sea rises?

This little site will show you.

I'm alright but two companies I used to work for will be underwater, oh dear, what a shame! (snigger)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Remember that mime to "Torn"

I posted it a while back

Well I found a new version, in which Natalie joins David Armand on stage for the later part of it.

God knows how she could sing along with a straight face.

so for your pleasure, delectation and delight, here it is.


P.S. I forgot those embeded things don't work for everyone, so here's a linky to it as well

The Torn Mime

Arrgghhh, laptops

Well OK maybe not laptops, but a certain hardware manufacturer who shall remain nameless at least!

Why is it when Microsoft have a perfectly good screen for selecting screen resolutions this particular company should come along and add a new option on the menu to do it instead, and disable the windows one to a point where it

a. says you have to re-boot to change resolution

b. undoes any changes you make in the STANDARD windows dialog box when it does re-boot!

I fiddled for ages yesterday with two indentical laptops one of which was set up right, and the other which had the wrong resolution, even got down to checking driver version levels before I spotted they had sneaked an extra option on the right click menu.

What the fuck is wrong with using the standard windows interface that everyone knows about? awkward bastards.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The BIG D word

Well my Divorce is now underway

I am stuck here because of custody issues at the moment, but we're both hoping to get through everything and keep things friendly, or as friendly as we can given the situation.

I am not going to lay blame anywhere, things just haven't worked out.

Who knows what the future may bring however, I am positive about it though.