Sunday, August 30, 2009

Castles in the Sand

Porthcawl, Monday we started to build a sandcastle, and got somewhat carried away

It began fairly small.

But we added detail and it grew.

J had started his own castle so this was detailed as well.

He was quite pleased when it was getting close to finished.

Then we linked the two castles with a retaining wall and another gateway.

Most of the build team (unfortunately B and S had had to leave before we were done)

We could have carried on for ages, there was much finishing work to be done, but home time beckoned.

Doctor Who Exhibition Cardiff

I must admit to being disapointed, there was plenty to see from the current shows, but nothing from before the "regeneration" of the series.

The whole place was smothered in "Do Not Touch" signs which meant very little up close and personal stuff.

The Vashta Nerada seem to be following us?

But at least we met K9

The gift shop had plenty to tempt us, but even J commented just how expensive it was.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out on expedition, looking for the "moon ponds"

And I just love this photo of my two explorers

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tropical World, Leeds

Last weekend we took a trip to Tropical World as it was a rainy day and it's always worth a trip.

E had a butterfly land on her hand (we all had them land on us somewhere), J managed to almost completely avoid the camera, and between them and Grandad, we all had a great day out, I even managed to capture a lucky shot of a meerkat (I say lucky as even though I took several, this one was shot blind with the camera held over the glass wall, and it turned out great)

Proud Grandad? I think so.

Not many greenhouses have a waterfall this big in them!

Grandad got distracted by a parrot!

This fish will come up and try to "kiss" you through the glass if you put your face right up close.

Hold your hand out in the butterfly section and they will land on you, we all had at least one land on us, but I only caught E on camera.

J took this close up of the Leeds crest froma plaque near the meerkats

My "Lucky" meerkat picture