Thursday, March 16, 2006

IE vs Opera (or at a push, firefox)

I've been working on trying to tell people how "out of date" Internet Explorer is, so I set my MySpace page up as a demo, using a modern standards compliant browser you should get a really cool effect, using IE it will look a bit sCRAPPY.

Incidentally, the standards I'm using are at least 8 (EIGHT) years old, so Microsoft have no excuse appart from laziness or incompetance for not implementing them, after all they have signed up as part of the standards body that designed the standard!

So, look here:-


and if you have to either download the Opera Browser or the slightly inferior (cough) Mozilla Firefox you will find that the frosted glass panes effect work! scrolling up and down the page will make you a convert to the better browser, and make you realise why web designers hate Microsoft for not letting us use these cool effects in IE.

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Neil said...

I have a plan! It's crude, but it mightjust work.
See the link at the top of my MySpace.