Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good Grief

I've been meaning to blog about this site for a while, but now it's suddenly relevant!

Geofftech is a personal web site which, amongst other things he uses to talk about his passion, The Tube. He holds the world record for getting round every station in the shortest time, I'd look it up on his web site, but here's the stupid catch.

Lawyers for TfL have forced him to shut down a non profit, personal, and extremely favourable (to TfL) web site "as it infringes copyright"

Although I agree that copyright is important, surely the sensible, and for them very positive publicity wise, thing would have been to raise the issue, then give him some sort of license at peppercorn rates (or free as a special case) and anyway, aren't these "derivative works" therefore copyright of the creator of the alatered map rather than TfL.

If you want to see the maps while you can, and they are worth looking at, you can find a mirror here and here, there's also a flickr set of maps and I'm sure more will appear. I'm doing my bit by posting my favourite (and most appropriate map) here.

You can also download all the maps in handy zip file format here.

and if you want to read the full story and post supportive comments, geoff's blog is here.

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