Thursday, March 16, 2006

Graph Paper

I meant to blog this a while ago, there is a web site that alows you to specify your graph paper needs, e.g. paper size, cell size, distibution etc. Then it goes away and thinks for a little while, and serves you up with a PDF file of the graph paper you wanted.

"So why is that useful?" I hear you ask, well most of the time, it's probably the last thing on your mind, but I certainly have found myself wanting a sheet of e.g. tessalating hexagons, and realised that the only way to get some is to junket into town, by a whole pad of the stuff, use one or two sheets, then wonder how I'm going to remember, if ever I need the same paper again, one: if I bought any, and two: where I put it!

So for your graph paper pleasure I present:- - ugly website - brilliant content

Including graph paper types such as :
  • Multi Width
  • Dots
  • Axometric Perspective
  • Equilateral Triangle (Isometric)
  • Hexagonal
And much much more.

Don't care if no-one else uses it, I just wanted to tell you all about it. One day you'll need a single sheet of "Semi-bisected Trapezoid" paper, and you'll remember you read about a website that supplied it, will you remember you read it here, somehow I doubt it, will you find it again, that's up to you I suppose! Still if it helps a little then my work is done <G>

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