Monday, March 01, 2010

Hetchell Crags and Pompocali

Hetchell Crags, (also commonly known as Thorner Craggs) just 6 miles from Crossgates is an impressive set of cliffs popular with rock climbers. We went to find it, and the strange place which is Pompocali.

After a false start, having not been there in over 15 years, we parked up and one fairly short muddy walk later we found the crags.

After a brief explore it was on to find this place I had heard of, Pompocali. No-one seems to sure who made these strange earthworks, and pictures where few and far between.

Some people believe they are spoils from the local Roman quarry, although there are theories the earthworks are older than that. If the Roman theory is accepted, there still remains the puzzle as to why build something so complex simply as a spoil tip, each section is pyramid stacked, layer upon layer to provide stability and longevity.

This is an aerial view from google maps.

But the true scale can only be seen at ground level, with children for scale.

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Bill said...

Godd that someone else is interested in Pompocali and Hetchell. It looks as though you have read my wife, Hazel's comments in on pyramidal stacking. That site is being discontinued and replaced by which does not seem to be on Google yet. We changed because I had problems editing the old site, and redid it through edesign247 which I find easier to use after going to an evening class on web design in which it was used.
I like your idea of using the aerial photos to illustrate your blog, I must see if I can do similarly.
Bill Hill.