Monday, October 26, 2009

Installling Linux (Mandriva 2009.1)

I must start by saying my hardware is a nightmare for Linux, it uses an SiS chip-set for graphics sound and the network etc. This is notorious for causing problems and the last version of Linux I put on here was a struggle, really a hassle.

Mandriva 2009.1 however, was a dream, I burned the CD the rebooted with it in the drive.

Mandriva booted first time with no problems, and ran fine, if a little slowly, straight off the CD.

Once I was satisfied it had identified everything properly I went for the install option. I mean how great is this (Microsoft take note) I could run the version of linux I was thinking of installing, without making any changes to my computer, to make sure everything works BEFORE doing the installation.

I know this is old news for hardened Linux users but for those thinking of taking the plunge this is a HUGE bonus.

The install took about 30 minutes, then a quick reboot and I had a working, up to date, Linux setup.

I do have to confess I had already prepared an empty partition, the install might have taken a little longer if that had had to be part of the process.

Plugged in a rather old Laser printer I have (Laser-jet 1100, not plug and play) and asked Linux printer manager to go look for it. 2 minutes later it's running.

Then the real test, the HP Desk-jet F2200 all in on printer, this was a faff to install on the old system, and I never got the scanner working.

I plugged this in, up pops a nice easy dialog, I answered a few simple questions and it was all installed, scanning fine and printing perfectly. No need to even find the installation CD or download anything, the printer manager went and found everything I needed by itself.

I remember the horror of the "torch" in windows as windows tried to find the correct drivers on the Internet, has that ever worked for anyone?

My MP3 Player and camera connect just as you'd expect, nice and simple.

Overall I'm very happy with it, looks good, works nice and quick and so far I have not had to go to the command prompt for anything!

Next I have to try my web-cam etc. but that's not here so I will report back some other time.

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