Saturday, October 24, 2009

Daily Mail caught with hands in photoshop?

*important update 28-11-09

They have changed the pictures in the article, but the original images are still on their server!

and the full image

The Daily Mail has it's usual "Bash the Beeb" head on in this article. They claim BBC bias as the BBC has broken with convention and put Nick Griffin first, whereas it's always the serving member of government first, in this case Jack Straw.

Scroll down and you find this image.

dailymail QT 2

Which seems to confirm their point, unless you enlarge it, when you see the full document it looks like this!

daily mail QT sheet

Nick Griffin appears to be on there twice! not only that, but there is no sign of Jack Straw.

Look again at that image, look at the creases on the paper, look at the creases on the paper under the Nick Griffin section, they match, apart from a slight darkening of the top section, this is clear proof they moved the Nick Griffin section.

I can't understand why someone would move it from the top spot down to cover Jack Straw if he was in the 4th position, but I can see someone might move it from the 4th position to the top, hence covering up Jack straws section.

The BBC state that this is not the document they issued. I think I believe them, don't you?

Incidentally, I have hosted the pictures on flickr, they are supposedly scans of BBC documents so therefore cannot be copyright of the Daily Mail, of course, if they have been altered, then they class as derivative works and the Daily Mail can use copyright laws to have them removed.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail may have been sent this forged document I suppose, but if that is the case, to publish it without a simple bit of fact checking is not a wonderful inditment of their editors.


I'm Spanakopita said...

After the war, the Americans and Russians got all the Nazi rocket scientists and nuclear physicists.
A certain British newspaper got all the journalists.

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