Saturday, December 06, 2008

We're offline

Thanks to the wonderful behemoth called British Telecom we have not as yet had either our telephone line or broadband connected.

Apparently they fluffed the order and forgot, so we wont be reconnected to the world until the 11th

This is ridiculous, the original transfer was supposed to take 4-5 working days but correcting the error will take them 12 days? this does not make sense.

When I moved house back in 1996 NTL (now Virgin Media) took 3-4 HOURS to transfer my account, Telephone, TV and Broadband the lot.

I do wonder at the complete waste of time British Telecom are, what is there to do that takes them so many days that NTL didn't have to do? I suspect bureaucracy, old fashioned equipment and general "we're the monopoly, and we don't give a shit" attitude.

Down here in Wales there is no alternative, everything has to go down BT wires, oh to be in Leeds with proper fibre optic cable based Virgin Media, cheaper, better quality broadband and far far better customer service.

This post is being written from Alisons mums house where thankfully we have a backup broadband line.

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