Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Torchwood & Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Not sure about the new Robin Hood series, it looks nice, it looks good, but it's missing something in the atmosphere, for me anyway. Maybe it will get better, maybe it needs music by Clannad, in fact that is the problem, it's not "Robin of Sherwood"

I will be watching next week though, because I'm certain it will grow on me.


Found this site

Torchwoood, love the title of the page, but for me it's very, well, Black!

I guess it's a coming soon thing.

There is of course the old

Visit Torchwood site with it's little flash animation game, but that's been about for ages.

And finally, credit to Siouxsie who spotted what I hadn't, that TORCHWOOD is an anagram of DOCTOR WHO

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Joe said...

Oh, I didn't spot that either, although I see that Torchwood is getting a 'movie style' premiere, showing in 4 cities on HD in theatres before the broadcast. Agree about Robin Hood though - it wasn't bad, but neither did it get me going; maybe I expected too much after Paul Cornell's excited gushing about it at EasterCon. And the costumes?!?! Medieval hoody boy and Guy of Gisborne in a leather duster borrowed from Blade??? Come on... Still, will give it a few eps to see if it grows on me.