Saturday, August 19, 2006

I have to admit to blatantly stealing this from Joe at Woolamaloo but it's so good I have to post it for you

I also was interested to learn about the chemical properties of the explosives that everyone has been saying the "terrorists" were planning to use in the recent "plot"

As you can see in this article it would be farcical to imagine this particular plot working!

And to lend credence to my point about it being overhyped, apparently the contents of all confiscated liquids are being dumped in big buckets, now if the "terrorists" really were planning to mix two liquids together to get a big bang doesn't this practice strike you as somewhat short sighted?

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Joe said...

Totally - these liquids may be explosive; I know, let's empty them all roughly into the same receptacle in the middle of a crowded public space! This tells us two things - first the tactics of the security mob are somewhat flawed and largely a time-wasting exercise in making us think they are doing something when actually they ain't. Secondly it teaches us that a lot of the people on the ground are bloody incompetent shagwits. If any of those had been exlosives then they would just have detonated them for the terrorists in the middle of a super-busy airport which would cause more casualties than usual due to the same security procedueres causing such queues! Oh dear....

And still no-one has explained why books and magazine were banned for a few days, or why a pilot was stopped from taking on his car keys but his penknife was fine with security? And if that isn't stupid enough what about the fact he is the pilot? He doesn't need a bomb to destroy the plane!! He can just crash it! Yeah, this really reassures me that the people from the top who make policy to the people actually doing the checking at airports are incompetent twonks.