Saturday, June 24, 2006

Doctors arrgh!

That was fun! NOT

Sudden chest pains and a feeling of pressure/headache led to a call to NHS direct, which led to a recommendation of a trip to casualty. I'm thinking it's just indigestion and overblown so was taken much by surprise when it's announced, we're keeping you in overnight for observation.

One horrible night in hospital (a place I hate anyway) and numerous blood tests later which have left my arms looking like a junkies, it's announced that yes it was just indigestion, no heart attack go home (great relief)

But, my blood pressure was high, which doesn't surprise me considering where I was, and that every time they measured it they'd just stuck me with needles! And my chlorestrol is high. So they are stuffing me full of tablets which I really don't like the look of, some of the side effects look like they'll kill me before my heart gives out.

Last time I ever complain of chest pains!


Neil said...

Well, that explains where you were last night, then!
They took the needles back out again, didn't they?

Joe said...

glad it wasn't too serious - hate hospitals myself, thought of having to stay even one night in one isn't one I'd like either (and that's before you consider the risk of some superbug infection!).

It is one of those signs of getting older when instead of assuming yu've got wind, indigestion etc you think, uh-oh, was that my heart? Would never have crossed my mind in my 20s now I think, ow, what was that sharp pain in my chest - did I pull a muscle, something go down wrong or is it the ticker? Gasp! No, no, don't be silly, of course it isn't... But what if it is and I think it isn't and ignore it until it is too late...Then a horrendous burp escapes and I think, ahhhh....