Monday, June 05, 2006

Bank Holiday Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been hectic with having the children on holiday. To make up for it here's a picture filled feast for you. I have indicated with (Pic) which links go to more pictures rather than links which go to external web sites.

Bank Holiday Monday
Was mixed weather, with as they say on the forecasts "occasional showers". With typical planning and foresight we decided to go to Golden Acre Park for a walk, by more luck than management we managed to be indoors whenever it rained, while we where there we saw the ducks (Pic) and ducklings on the lake side. We fed both the ducks and the geese while we were there. We ducked into the cafe for the first rain shower, and made our way round to the greenhouse garden (Pic) just in time to take cover in there for the next shower. You can see the rain lashing the windows behind us.

Wednesday - Beaver Scouts Trip
Wednesday saw DS and myself taking a trip out with the Beaver Scouts to Hebden Bridge by train followed by a short (but steep) walk up to Heptonstall. We picnicked in an old ruined church before heading back down to the river for a chance to feed the ducks and pigeons before going down to the park for a play and catching the train (Pic)
back to Leeds. Hebden Bridge is a marvelous old station (Pic) retaining almost all the old cast iron signs it would have had many years ago. It was a great day out with seven other children from the pack joining us.

Friday - Kirkstall Abbey
We had watched them renovating Kirkstall Abbey last year, and thought we'd better go and see what had been done, they have a new web site to show off the renovations and fill you in on the history. DS and DD had discovered the railway last year, and were Keen (Pic) to explore it again. DS especially likes the rickety old bridge (Pic) which we crossed with care. He also insisted I include this picture of the river (Pic), as he liked the island.
As we wandered back to the car I took this rather spooky picture (Pic) which shows the abbey lit up from within, a trick of the light, but still effective. We played in the park playground for a while before getting stuck in the rush hour on the way home (I'd forgotten that not everyone was on holiday, oops).

Saturday - BBC Springwatch
BBC springwatch came to Temple Newsam on Saturday so we really had to go. DD rushed off early for a Birthday party leaving DS and I to take in the falconry (Pic) display where they flew several birds. This hawk (Pic) got close up for us to have a better look. DS would like to point out that he saw his teacher up there, but we didn't manage to say hello.
There was a great atmosphere and we saw lots of interesting things like a section of beehive (complete with real live bees) which worried DS, and to finished of they had Joe the Storyteller who regaled us with some marvelous tales, and the fire jugglers.
who took me from the audience at "gun" point and stood me in the amphitheatre while they spun blazing sticks within inches of my face, such a shame DS took no pics of this (phew) as they dressed me in Blues Brothers style hat, shades and jacket. I also got the chance to squirt the audience with a water pistol, which was nice, and appreciated by most of them as it was a burning hot day.

Sunday - Killingbeck Police Station
Lets spin a little tale here, DS found a badger (Pic), which if found in the wild and killed or captured could get him in trouble. To add to his problems he was involved in burning a car (Pick) and it wasn't long before the Police (Pic) took an interest, bundled him into the back of their van (Pic) and took him away to the cells.

Yes it was the Police open day, and DS enjoyed it, but maybe not so much the walk down and back, we found plenty to occupy a couple of hours while DD was at yet another birthday party (she sure is popular this weekend).

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