Sunday, February 05, 2006

Recovery almost complete

Well after the disaster which was re-partitioning my hard disk, which resulted in me somehow losing ALL the partition information on the drive, I am almost back up to speed and normality.

This marvelous company got 35 quid of my money for their excellent Partition Table Doctor software which succeeded in getting back most of the partitions on the drive, I managed to get everything back apart from my e-mail directory, which means I have lost pretty much everyone's e-mail addresses, so start sending me them again please. (that is not an invite to spam me, friends only should apply, see terms and conditions!)

In other news, a few people thought this post implied that I had succumbed and started smoking again, not true, I am still ciggy free, and intend to remain so.

Got my first complaint which I can raise at the Parish Meeting as well, parking problems in the driveway and on the cycle lane, maybe we should name and shame the culprits as apparently they are the same people week in week out.

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