Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Musings

Well this is the day I start my blog, what do I write?

Today we went for a walk, I wanted to find a tree I remembered from over 20 years ago, an odd quest, but it was an odd tree, as you can see from these pictures with DS posing (I think I will refer to family as DS "Dear Son" DD "Dear Daughter" and DW "Dear Wife", it saves naming names)

If it helps scale the tree DS is 1.17 metres tall or 3'10" in old money.

I have no idea if this happened naturally or the trees grew together with help, but the image of these trees growing in a huge N shape stayed with me, I had to seek them/it out and get a picture of it, something I never thought to do 20 years ago. Now do I refer to them as one tree or two?


I've sharpened up the pictures

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