Sunday, January 22, 2006

Does your firewall spy on you

Zonealarm has been caught spying on you read more here and here. Trouble is I've been recomending this product to everyone for years, and now this comes out! It does NOT make me a happy bunny.

I'll find out more and come back to this later, in the meanwhile, should you stop using Zonealarm, well I'll leave that up to you, but I am switching to something else for MY windows machines.


For anyone who needs help with this the inquirer article mentions editing your hosts file, you can find it in the windows directory under something like \windows\system32\drivers\ect\ open the file with notepad and copy these two lines at the end of the file

# Block access to ZoneLabs Server

The \windows part of the file path will possibly be different on your machine, something like c:\windows or c:\winnt will be likely.

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