Friday, June 11, 2010

arc90 readability button : now for Opera Browser

Those lovely people at arc90 produced a readability button for firefox

Now useful as this is there was no setup for Opera, so I took the "best setting" IMHO and made a button generator for Opera for it.

Readability for Opera : Click on that link and the Opera "My Buttons" panel willopen, drag the readability button onto your task bar where you want it.

This is maybe not the best solution for everybody, and I know Opera has style sheet overrides for pages that display terribly (e.g. small yellow text on black, my pet hate) but it helps me, so I thought I'd share. Maybe someone from acr90 could produce a better button generator like on their own website, rather than this one which simply is based on my preferences.

Perhaps when I have time I will try to produce something similar.

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QuHno said...

I had made such a button too before Opera 11 came out :)

For Opera 11 you can use the cleanPages Extension. It is based on the Readability script (with permission of arc90) but customized for Opera and - that is the best thing: for offline usage.

I made it because I often read downloaded Webpages on my Netbook when going by train and it was always a PITA to see all the clutter some of the webpages bring with the information.

+ all settings and a new style: Terminal
+ option to select some text on a page and make that part readable :)

Availlable at the official Opera Extensions website