Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 one of the coldest years on record?

You'd believe it wouldn't you, we've had some rotten weather this year, after being promised a BBQ summer.

I've heard people say "global warming must be wrong, this year has been one of the coldest on record"

And because the summer was a wash out, people tend to think this is true, rain makes you feel cold and miserable.

2009 was one of the top 5 warmest years!

Since records began about 150 years ago this year will rank in the top 5 at least, possibly even higher if the weather doesn't get colder soon.

Here's the BBC report.

BBC News - This year 'in top five warmest'

"This year will be one of the top five warmest years globally since records began 150 years ago, according to figures compiled by the Met Office."

So why was this year a washout? well warmer weather leads to more evaporation, leading to more clouds. If the wind patterns are right, this drops more rain on the UK. This year we lucked out, wind patterns dumped all that rain on us.

So don't believe the global warming hoax people, believe the science. This is why "global warming" was changed to "global climate change", not because it was wrong to call it warming, but because summers like this one would make people believe "warming" was wrong even when it was warmer than ever.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Communist Party lies, comrad.

Mr TempleDene said...

No, thank you for your intelligent deep ranging comment on such an important issue.

順利 said...
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Mr TempleDene said...

A bad excuse is worse than none. ....................................................

But the truth will stubbornly remain the truth! Read the temperature record and weep!