Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Drop down lists for village names in Travian

OK this works with Opera and any web site, but I only use it with Travian

Opera has a feature "copy to note".

Select the text of the name of each village you have, then right click and select "copy to note", do this for all your villages.

Now when you are in the marketplace, or anywhere where you need to type in a village name, click into the village name field, and press the down arrow on your keyboard. Hey presto, all your notes appear as a drop down list, click the village name you require and it is automagically copied into the field.

Of course, if like me over the years of using Opera you have collected other notes by accident or design you may want to delete those to reduce the list.

Open the side panel (press F4), click on notes and you can manage them from there.

I hope some people find this useful, do please come back and comment if you do.

I don't know if Firefox or IE have similar features, if they do, again, please comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, sounds a bit techy to me!

Neil said...

Works a treat! :-)