Sunday, May 13, 2007

Todays rant

Web designers who decide that instead of perfectly good, standard, ways of doing things, they will use some new trick they've discovered.

Perfect examples of this are sites which use javascript instead of links, so if you decide to right click the link to save it somewhere you just get the javascript, or maybe, because they've used odd javascript, the link just doesn't work. WTF is wrong with the good old a href= style links? they work, they work in ANY browser and they do exactly the same as your fancy javascript!

Pages which don;t display in my browser of choice (opera) again because some twonk has decided to use some fancy arsed "modern" way of displaying the pages which he found on some poncy web 2 site, guess what guys, your site fails to display, I go somewhere else, that loses you a sale! tough titty matey.

I could go on, but standards are standards for a REASON and any web developer who can't grasp that should go and takes up origami or knitting, or anything else!

Of course what they also do, on a more serious note, is run the risk of being prosecuted for discrimination against disabled people, but they never teach that at the frontpage school of crappy web design.

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Kate said...

I'm gonna get you an anorak for your birthday if you're not very careful bro.