Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is this jus a bad day?

I really don't know, tomorrow is the second mediation session, I'm prepared a little for it but I just know my wife is going to refuse shared custody. What then? what do I do, fight it in the courts? or give up and move away, abandon this life here and just quietly vanish.

I see now why men do that, it's not easy, but divorce is so stacked in favour of the woman and so soul destroying. It is never the "easy option" but sometimes it's the one that hurts the least.

Not helped by the fact my DS seems to prefer the lure of the ice cream van in grandmas street than coming to see me at my dads. I know he's only 7 but it feels like rejection.

I knew this wouldn't be easy but I never realised just how hard it is on my heart. I love my children, I don't want to hurt them, and I don't know which option will hurt them the least?


Joe said...

I feel for ya, mate, you're in a no-win, Kobayashu Maru scenario there. Decide to step back and let them get on with you out of the picture and they will come to resent you for not being there, stay in and run the risk of tensions between you and the former Mrs etc. And I can't help but notice how despite decades of equality legislation men are still treated as second class in child custody cases (obviously equality only applies to women, men no-one cares about).

On the positive side though, you could join Fathers For Justice and get to scale a national monument while dressed as a superhero!! Go on, admit it, you've thought about it! Which superhero are you thinking about??

Anonymous said...

Go in defeated, you will exit this defeated. I know this is late to respond to and want to hear the outcome BUT more so, please let me know before another session/event so I can do what every good mother should do - pray! God can make a way where there seems to be no way! Love ya!