Thursday, January 11, 2007

Arrgghhh, laptops

Well OK maybe not laptops, but a certain hardware manufacturer who shall remain nameless at least!

Why is it when Microsoft have a perfectly good screen for selecting screen resolutions this particular company should come along and add a new option on the menu to do it instead, and disable the windows one to a point where it

a. says you have to re-boot to change resolution

b. undoes any changes you make in the STANDARD windows dialog box when it does re-boot!

I fiddled for ages yesterday with two indentical laptops one of which was set up right, and the other which had the wrong resolution, even got down to checking driver version levels before I spotted they had sneaked an extra option on the right click menu.

What the fuck is wrong with using the standard windows interface that everyone knows about? awkward bastards.


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