Thursday, May 04, 2006

Of fonts and bandits

Just been reading Paul Cornell's blog and thought I'd pass on these rather nice little titbits, firstly, the BBC has now set up a Robin Hood website in anticipation of the new series, filming has only been going on for a month so don't hold your breath. Nice bit of trivia, the actor playing Much is Sam Troughton, the grandson of Patrick Troughton who everyone knows as the second Dr. Who.

Also Paul has a link to a lovely Dalek font, which I just had to download.

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Joe said...

I caught a panel on Brit TV-SF at Eastercon a few weeks ago where Paul was most enthusiastic about the new Robin Hood series, having just come from one of the location shoots. It has no fantasy elements in at all, though he said, but it looks like pure swashbuckling fun.